Online marketing related publications by Andre Alpar

April 2013

Content - a balancing act between user and machine with Markus Koczy, Lead Digital, Edition No. 6, pages. 44-45.

Social Search is Fine-tuning, Acquisa, Edition 04|2013, pages. 20-31.

Being found - Five most common SEO mistakes of online shops Online Trading magazin, January edition.

March 2013

Challanges in international search engine optimization - fighting duplicate content with Markus Koczy, iBusiness Dossiers on "International E-Commerce”, pages. 28-30.

February 2013

SEO Tools market overview with Maik Metzen, T3N, Edition 2/2013

Contribution to a book on self-employment by Markus Kellermann, pages. 77 - 80.

January 2013

SEO article in the edited book "100 online marketing experts" - also available on Amazon.

December 2012

International & multilingual SEO using HREFLANG with Markus Koczy, Website Boosting, edition 17, pages 26 to 29.

November 2012

About good & bad links with Markus Koczy, Lead Digital, edition 11.

September 2012

The best tools for successfull SEO with Markus Koczy, Starting Up magazine, edition Sept/Okt/Nov, pages 72 to 74.

August 2012

SEO with Rich Snippets: Get successfull clicks with stars and pictures, T3N magazine, edition 29, pages 52 to 55.

July 2012

Book: The big online marketing book mit D. Wojcik. Published with Data Becker with over 750 pages. Here is a German excerpt from the book and you can buy the book over here at Amazon

June 2012

HTML5 - Help and dangers for website optimization, iX magazine, edition June 2012, pages 95 - 97.

May 2012

International SEO for Onlineshops with Maik Metzen, T3N magazine, edition 28, pages 102 - 105.

SEO series - part 4: SEO – inhouse or externally? with Markus Koczy, Starting Up magazine, edition 05/12, pages 12 - 13.

April 2012

Inhouse SEO versus SEO agency - or is it an "and"?, Website Boosting magazine, edition 05/06 2012, pages 59 - 71.

The impact of Google Plus on SEO with Markus Koczy, Screenguide magazine, edition 03 - 05 / 2012, pages 17 - 19.

SEO Tools - The "indispensable” main work tools of SEOs, Gründerszene, April 13th 2012

March 2012

Class reunion of the SEOs - SEO Campixx together with several AKM3 staff members, T3N Online, March, 15th 2012.

The strong link will do it for you together with Markus Koczy, Starting Up magazine, edition 02/12, pages 12 - 13.

February 2012

Social SEO: Start today careing about your SEO for Google+ with Maik Metzen, T3N magazine, edition 27, pages 106 - 108.

December 2011

Canonical - Fighting Duplicates with Maik Metzen, T3N magazine, edition 26, pages 79 - 81.

November 2011

Learn how to get found FIRST with Markus Koczy, Starting Up magazine edition 04/11, pages 12 - 15.

Rich Snippets for Software Websites and Applications (in english), Search Engine Watch, Nov. 9th, 2011

10 myths of the SEO industry together with Maik Metzen in the Webmaking magazine edition 2/11 November/Dezember, page 12

August 2011

Google Algorithm update: Who is afraid of the big Panda? with Maik Metzen in T3N magazine edition 25, pages 100 - 103

"SEO in a nutshell: basics of search engine optimization: offpage optimization" with Markus Koczy, in Domainvermarkter (domain marketers) magazine, volume 06 August 2011, pages 42 - 44

July 2011

Google Places: Opportunities and Risiks for Regional Companies with Markus Koczy in the Webselling magazine edition 04/2011, pages 52 - 55

June 2011

Reputation Pitfall Google Suggest - Opportunities, Risiks and Exercising Influence with Markus Koczy of AKM3 in Website Boosting magazine edition 07-08/2011, pages. 22 - 30

Google Places: Having Success in the Regional Internet with Markus Koczy in ecommerce magazine edition 05/2011, pages 14 -15

May 2011

"SEO in a nutshell: basics of search engine optimization: onpage optimization" with Markus Koczy of AKM3 in Domainvermarkter (domain marketers) magazine volume 05 May 2011

April 2011

"Linkbaits - attract links purposefully" in Suchradar (search radar) e-zine, volume29 (May, 4th 2011)

Febrary 2011

"Image SEO and Ranking factors", published in (paper based) "Website Boosting" magazine, volume 03-04/2011

Scientific publications by Andre Alpar

March 2005

Together with Martin Heibel "Software-based Alumni-Management", published in "Networking & Alumning - From time consuming madness to an economic success factor" by Uwe G. Seebacher und Gaby Klaus

March 2005

Together with Victor Henning "Public aid mechanisms in feature film production: the EU MEDIA Plus Programme", erschienen in "Media Culture & Society", Volume 27, Number 2

November 1999

Together with Lars Dittmann, Peter Fankhauser "AMetaCar - a Mediated eCommerce-Solution for the Used-Car-Market" presented at the 4th workshop for "federated databases - integration of heterogenus information sources", Technical University of Berlin

July 1998

Assisted at "The Transition from Technological Orientation towards Market Orientation in 12 German and 12 Dutch Firms" by Ulijn/Nagel (see