Presentations by Andre Alpar

Here are some of the talks and lectures I have held so far. Topic wise I have mostly been speaking about Startups, SEO and Affiliate Marketing.


Date Event
October, 9th-10th Event Host: OMCap 2013 - online marketing conference and seminars, Berlin. Over 45 international speakers - over 600 guests - all online marketing topics!
May, 25th AFS Academy ("tbd."), Berlin
March, 26th-28th SES (Search Engine Strategies) New York City ("Breaking down the borders - On international and multilingual SEO"), New York, USA
March, 19th Affiliate Tactixx ("Which SEO strategies will work for affiliates in 2013" with Maik Metzen), Munich
March, 14th Start-up Camp ("SEO strategies for Start-ups"), Berlin
February, 22nd Online Marketing Rockstars ("Bullet-proof SEO strategies"), Hamburg
Februar, 6th Online Marketing Camp @ Axel Springer ("Introduction to SEO and Site Clinic"), Berlin


Date Event
December, 11th-12th Hub:Raum - Deutsche Telekom Incubator ("Onpage SEO & Offpage SEO"), Berlin
November, 19th-20th Europeand Trade Congress ("Search marketing in 2013"), Berlin
November, 15th FailCon Berlin ("Got caught in a living dead?"), Berlin
November, 3rd AFS Academy ("Introduction to keyword research"), Berlin
October, 31st Axel Springer Online Marketing Academy (Half day workshop "Introduction to search engine optimization"), Berlin
October, 24th e-Food Conference ("What e-food companies can learn from sucessfull ecommerce with luxury foodstuffs"), Wiesbaden
October, 10th-11th Event Host: OMCap 2012 - online marketing conference and seminars, Berlin. Over 45 different speakers - up to four parallel presentations on all online marketing topics!
September, 25th-27th Expert at SEOktoberfest 2012 ("topic can not be disclosed due to confidentialty"), Munich
September, 22nd In Praxi LLL ("Digital Business Strategies: Practical Workshop on Online Marketing and Mobile Marketing"), Düsseldorf
September, 6th-7th Domain Marketers Forum ("SEO Site Clinic"), Düsseldorf
August, 23rd Creditreform Open Doors ("The Future of eCommerce in Search"), Berlin
June, 29th HHL Graduate School of Management ("Introduction to Serach Marketing" with Maik Metzen), Leipzig
June, 11th Online Business Summit ("International Linkmarketing"), Hamburg
May, 16th - 17th Search Marketing Day ("Affiliate Marketing 2012"), Poznan, Poland
May, 14th International Search Summit ("Targeting a German Audience: A Guide to Success"), London, UK
May, 8th - 9th German Online Retail Congress ("Social Search"), Frankfurt/Main
May, 5th Good School - Digital Schooldays ("Performance Marketing"), Berlin
April, 13th Good School - Camp Digital ("Online Marketing Basics"), Hamburg
April, 5th VDMA Workgroup "Young Enterpreneurs" ("Introduction to Online Marketing & SearchEngine Optimisation"), Birkenwerder
March, 28th SMX Munich (2 Presentations: "Google Survivor Tips: How to survive Panda & Co. without getting crushed" & "Understanding Google: What you should have learnt from the last Google patents"), Munich
March, 27th Affiliate Tactixx (Moderating all advertiser oriented sessions), Munich
March, 26th Online Meet-UP Munich ("Old school SEO is dead - SEO Trends 2012"), Munich
March, 17th Startup Camp Berlin ("Inside view of a Living Dead"), Berlin
March, 10th - 11th SEO Campixx (Tipps for future book authors), Berlin
March, 6th E-Commerce-FORUM of the CeBIT Webciety ("Optimizing for a more social search"), Hannover


Date Event
26. November KoNet - Network for Founders from Koblenz Universities ( ("Startup financing with venture capital and business angels"), Koblenz
October, 21st UdK - University of Arts Berlin Alumni event of the masters degree course leadership in digital communication ("How is the social graph changing search and search marketing "), Berlin
October, 13th Host and organizer of the online marketing conference OMCap / SES Berlin with over 40 speakers & 450 participants, Berlin
September 20th-22nd Expert at the SEOktoberfest, Munich
September 8th-9th Domain Marketers Forum ("SEO Clinic"), Hamburg
July, 8th University of applied sciences Darmstadt ("Advanced Linkmarketing"), Darmstadt
June, 30th DHL Talks ("Cross-Border eCommerce"), Schweinfurt
June, 6th TRG Online Business Summit ("ROI of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)"), Hamburg
May, 26th In Praxi Berlin chapter ("Workshop - Introduction into Online Marketing"), Berlin
April, 19th LOMBB: Local Online Marketing Berlin Brandenburg ("Opportunities & riscs for regional and local merchants / vendors through search engine optimization (SEO)"), Berlin
April, 14th Mini Seedcamp Berlin ("SEO & Onlinemarketing Coach"), Berlin
April, 12th-13th Affiliate Tactixx ("Affiliate vs. Merchant - Avoiding problems!"), Munich
April, 5th-6th SMX ("Show me the Links" with Sepita Ansari), Munich
March, 30th Entrepreneurs Day (Unternehmertag) ("Strategic SEO decisions"), Tegernsee
March, 18th-20th Startup Camp Berlin ("Startup Experience (nearly) uncensored"), Berlin
March, 12th-13th SEO Campixx ("Blackhat SEO & Protection" together with Dominik Wojcik), Berlin
February, 18th-21st The Barcelona Summit ("SEO Clinic" with Kay Schaefer), Barcelona
February, 12th Munich Venture Summit ("Live cycle of a start-up"), Munich
January, 25th Seedcamp ("Onlinemarketing & SEO"), London


Date Event
December, 15th Founder and organizer of the first OMCap - Online Marketing Capital (Networking event with over 300 guests), Berlin
November, 24th SES / Search Engine Strategies ("Universal & Blended Search: Challanges & Opportunities"), Berlin
October, 14th Holtzbrinck Internet Summit ("SEO & Linkbaits", Berlin
October, 12th A4U Expo Europe - London Edition ("Blackhat SEO" together with Dominik Wojcik), London, UK
June, 28th RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Media Management department (whole day seminar "Introduction to Search Engine Optimization"),Wiesbaden
May, 19th A4U Expo Europe ("SEO Update – What's happening in the Market and Where Should Your Focus Be?" together with Johannes Beus, Marcus Tandler and Jonas Weber), Munich
April, 13th Affiliate Tactixx ("2010 Trends in Affiliate Marketing"), Munich
March, 13th SEO Campixx ("SEO for Images - the Next Level"), Berlin
January, 7th IJK HMT ("Internet Entrepreneurship"), Hannover


Date Event
November, 25th SES / Search Engine Strategies ("Universal Search"), Berlin
June, 16th Affiliate Tactix ("Affiliate vs. Merchant - What an affiliate should talk about with his merchant but never dared to ask."), Munich, Germany
June, 15th 121 Watt (whole day seminar about "Advanced Affiliate Marketing"), Munich, Germany
May, 8th University of applied sciences ("SEO for Google Images and Images within Google Universal Search"), Darmstadt, Germany
April, 20th Second EO-forum of Cologne ("Introduction to online marketing"), Cologne
March, 13th DDA Education for Online Marketing Bachelors (whole day seminar about "Basics of Affiliate Marketing"), Frankfurt, Germany
March, 8th SEO Campixx ("SEO for Google Images and Images within Google Universal Search"), Berlin, Germany


Date Event
November 19th 121 Watt (whole day seminar about "Advanced Affiliate Marketing"), Munich, Germany
October 8th 121 Watt (whole day seminar about "Advanced Affiliate Marketing"), Hamburg, Germany
June 19th-20th Internationaler E-Commerce Kongress ("Online Marketing Controlling in Real Time"), Wiesbaden, Germany
June 2nd Affiliate Tactixx ("Affiliate Marketing 2.0), Munich, Germany
April 24th Libri eCommerce Day, Bad Hersfeld, Germany


Date Event
November 7th Werbung 2.0 ("Advertising 2.0), Wiesbaden, Germany
August 19th Barcamp ("business angel financing for start-ups"), Cologne, Germany
July 16th Webmontag, Düsseldorf, Germany
June 20th-21st CJU Europe, London, United Kingdom
May 10th Community Summit, Wiesbaden
April 21st Barcamp, Frankfurt, Germany
February 27th Marketing Online Kongress, Munich, Germany
February 6th Social Web Forum, Dresden, Germany


Date Event
June 19th Webmontag, Frankfurt, Germany